Chiropractic Marketing

We provide a range of chiropractic marketing services including:
  • Website setup and design (mobile responsive chiropractic website)
  • Email Setup and Design (using Google Business platform)
  • Social Media Setup (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • Email Campaign Setup (setup of auto-responders, and newsletter as necessary)
  • Web Analytics (for social media and website - using HubSpot or Google Analytics)
  • Create landing pages with Calls to Action (free download offers on your chiropractic webpage)
  • Creative Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos
We view the chiropractic marketing cycle as one that starts well before they call you for an appointment.  Many times the potential patient is searching for causes of pain online and seeking self-remedies using Google.  By the time the patient has called you they might have read several articles online, asked several friends/family, seen several billboards and ads, and received multiple referrals from friends/family and co-workers.  This is the reason that it makes sense for chiropractors to invest in Inbound Marketing for their practice.  We call this cycle the "Patient Journey".

Chiropractic Patient Journey

chiropractic patient journey back pain

We provide marketing support for every step of the patient journey to insure you get more new patients from the web and more reactivated patients using continual marketing.  Inbound marketing attracts website visitors to your practice by creating and sharing engaging, relevant, targeted, educational, and entertaining content.  This differs from traditional outbound marketing that seeks to interrupt potential patients lives with generic messaging to the masses.  Advertising and direct mail are the most common types of outbound marketing.  Examples of inbound marketing are blogs, targeted emails, eBooks, and social media.

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