6 Steps to verify your Google+ My Business Profile


This article shows you how to verify your Google+ My Business profile in six easy steps! Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

Google automatically creates listings for companies based of their crawled websites.  For this reason you only need to “verify” the existing listing 90% of the time.  If you don’t find your existing listing to verify then check out my other article “How to create and verify your NEW Google+ My Business profile”.

Benefits of Verifying your Google+ My Business Profile:

  • Show up higher in Google local search results across devices (tablet, phone, laptop)
  • Share your company info (like pictures, hours, service area, etc).
  • Interact with your customers and respond to reviews, building a loyal fan base.
  • Expand your reach with Google+ updates.
  • Allow people to find you in maps on any device and see hours or click to call.

Follow the steps below to start claiming your Google+ My Business profile today!

Steps to Claim your Google+ “My Business” Profile

Note: If you manage 10 or more locations of the same business, you may be eligible for bulk verification using Google My Business Locations.  Click HERE to learn more about bulk verification.

Step 1: Go to “Google My Business”

Go to Google’s My Business page by clicking HERE

Then click “Get on Google”


Step 2: Search for your Business

Enter your businesses name then click the blue magnifying glass to search.  You might need to include your address if there are several businesses with similar names.


If your business is not found, then double check the spelling.  Your business might not be listed if it’s new or if you don’t have a website yet.  If you cannot find your business then read this article “How to setup a NEW Google+ My Business page – for businesses without an existing profile

If you do find your business go to step 3 below.


Step 3: Select your business

Select you business by left clicking on it after you find it. 



Step 4: Confirm you are business owner or representative

Next Google will prompt you to confirm you are the owner or authorized representative of your business. Check the box then click “Continue” button.


Step 5: Request verification code

You have three options at this step:

  • Call me now – Google’s automated system will call you to verify the business. This is the quickest option but can be problematic if you have an automatic answering system or if you are doing this for a client.
  • Mail me my code – Google will mail a postcard with the verification code to the address listed on the business profile.  I prefer this option when setting up profiles for clients because they don’t have to be bothered with a phone call.  You can add your name in the “Attention To” field on the postcard.
After clicking “Mail My Code” you will have the option to add a name for the card.  Then click “Send”.
You will have 30 days from the date the code is generated/card sent to enter the code.  I have found that the card usually arrives within 5-7 days (U.S. domestic). Click “Continue”.
  • Verify later – You can do this later if you aren’t near the business phone and don’t want a postcard.


Step 5: Add/update business information

At this point you will see your profile dashboard.  The block at the bottom tells you what is missing to complete your profile.  While these things are required they can help you in search ranking and improve click through rates.  Hint: You will want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later and enter your code (assuming you did the postcard option).



  • Intro – Add a tagline for your business so people get a feel for what you do and your personality.
  • Business Name – Use the same consistent business name across all social media accounts and website, don’t abbreviate.  IMPORTANT:  You cannot change your business name again until after it’s been verified so make sure there are not any typos!
  • Country/Region
  • Street Address / City / State / ZipCode  – Make sure to show your address accurately and be consistent with how it’s shown on your website and other listings.  Don’t use a UPS or USPS box number. Make sure it corresponds to your physical address so you will rank in local search.
  • Main Business Phone – Make sure you use the main business number that is also listed on your website and landing pages. Don’t use a 1-800 number.
  • Category – Categories let your customers know what kind of business you have.  Examples are chiropractor, dentist, Thai restaurant. etc.  A category is what your business IS not what it DOES or SELLS.
  • Confirmation if you deliver goods and services at their location – Check this box if you service an area instead of serving customers at your location. Examples of companies that should check this box are plumbers, contractors, movers, etc.  If you check this box then you will have the opportunity to select a region you service later.  DON’T CHECK THIS BOX IF YOU ARE A SERVICE COMPANY LIKE A CHIROPRACTOR OR SELL GOODS FROM YOUR LOCATION!  If you accidentally check this box then Google might hide your address in the search results page.

If you selected the check box in the previous step then you will see something like below asking you to select a service area.


Step 6: Enter your code

After you get your code in the mail navigate back to your page and click “Enter Code” button at top.


Enter the code you see on your postcard then click “Submit” button.

I entered “12345” below as an example below.



Your Google+ “My Business” Profile is now verified!

I hope this article was helpful for you. Now you just need to keep adding Google+ posts and invite people to follow your page. Then start the conversation with your customers and followers.

Here’s a free eBook about all things internet marketing so you can tie it all together to get more website visitors, leads, and sales.  Feel free to leave comments and feedback below.



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