9 Worst Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

chiro_tattooThere seems to be no shortage of great chiropractic marketing ideas out there. I want to prevent you from making costly mistakes by listing some of the worst marketing I have seen DC’s doing.

In case you are wondering, tattooing your back isn’t one of them! Just kidding! As a personal statement I actually think the tattoo is pretty cool! The photo in this blog is actually work from the talented artist Graham Fisher (click here to learn more or get your own).

Now that I have your attention, don’t feel bad if you are still doing any of these. There’s always room for improvement! I tried to include alternative ideas in each list item.  In fact, this is a follow up from a previous blog where I listed the 20 Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas. If are doing any of the things below then it might be time to rethink your marketing plan today!


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