20 Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas (and how to implement them)


This list of the top 20 chiropractic marketing ideas includes plenty of fresh  ideas to grow your practice. Some of which you can start implementing right away!

You may have already implemented some of them but every chiropractor should be able to find at least a few things on this list to try.  They are aimed at bringing in more patients and improving revisit rate of current and past patients.  After all, it’s generally more cost effective to keep your existing patients than to acquire new patients.

Without further delay here are the top 20 chiropractic marketing ideas.  Feel free to leave your comments after the blog if you agree or have other ideas that have worked for you.

1. Write unique and keyword optimized blog articles

Most chiropractors have a blog but not all chiropractors know that blog content needs to be unique in order to be ranked highly by Google.  There are some website marketing firms and practice consultants that sell canned blog articles (I won’t mention any names).  Just make sure it’s not a cookie cutter approach they are using and that it’s unique content.  You should also choose your blog topics and titles carefully.  What keywords are popular in your area/specialty/and location?  If you are not sure then conduct a keyword analysis using Google or HubSpot keyword tool then include those words in your blogs URL, title, description and body.  Just just look at keywords, but also keyword phrases.  Many times the opportunity to rank is much easier with keyword phrases (also known as “long-tail” keywords).  You should also beware of using a keyword too many times in the body of your blog.  Try not to repeat your keyword more than five times in your blog body.

2. Update your website to be mobile optimized

The mobile platform is quickly dominating web traffic as the primary source of content viewing! You want your website as well as your emails to be easily viewed on a mobile device without scrolling or zooming the screen.  This can be accomplished by using an up to date website template on your content management system (if you are using something like WordPress).  If you are using a website development agency you might have to ask them if they can do this.  If not, then you might consider migrating your website to WordPress since it’s easy to use (even if you don’t know how to develop a website) and their are thousands of mobile optimized wordpress themes ready out-of-the box.  Just remember to always test your pages on a mobile device.

3. Promote patient referrals by having a contest

It’s no big secret that patient referrals can be the best source of new patients!  Why not have a contest to reward your patients for referrals?  You can do something like entering them into a drawing for a free dinner at local restaurant or give them a discount coupon for an adjustment or massage.

4. Promote your blog in local networking groups

Join local networking groups like the local chamber of commerce, church groups, or sporting groups.  Once you join their Facebook or Linked In page many will let you post as long as it’s not blatant advertising (like coupons).  The blog is the perfect vehicle for sharing information while promoting your practice at the same time.

5. Send new patient follow-up emails with patient survey

Setup a routine to have all new patients sent an email with a link to a patient survey immediately after thir first visit.  This helps you continuously improve your patient experience to attract more patients as well as providing you a source for patient testimonials.  Just be sure to get patient permission before using their testimonial and check local regulations. The email connection is also a good way to build your segmented list (see #13 below) while keeping in touch so they come back for follow-up visits.

6. Ask patients for feedback and reviews on Google or other Review websites

There are many free review websites out there like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  If you aren’t aware of these you will want to check them to see if you have any existing reviews.  You should also proactively ask patients to review your service.  This is something that should be monitored regularly as one bad review can have detrimental effects on any other marketing you are doing.  When you do get a less than stellar review, try to respond online with empathy and improve your practice.  On the bright side many great  reviews can counteract one bad review. 

7. Start a YouTube Channel for your practice

If you aren’t on YouTube yet, you need to be!!  Not just because it’s the second most searched website on the web.  YouTube can be an excellent way for potential patients to learn your personality in a way that your website cannot.  Videos can also promote additional services that you want to introduce existing patients as well as be a host for sharing patient testimonials.  Just make sure to share your videos on your website, blog, and social media after publishing.

8. Start a Facebook page and share your blog articles on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent source of free promotion for your practice!  I would not recommend paying for ads on Facebook, but it gives a way for you to get referrals very easily.  It works like this: write a blog, share it on your business Facebook page, people share and like, then your practice is automatically promoted to all of your patients patients (for those that like or share the article)!  Best of all it’s FREE!!  This article shows you how to setup a Facebook business page in 5 easy steps!

9. Promote a new or special procedure that makes your practice unique

Does your practice have a special piece of equipment or service that sets you apart from other chiropractors?  If so, be sure to promote it through your website, blog, and videos!!  Even if it’s something that you have been doing for a while but isn’t well known.  Just make sure it’s something that patients really value.  Bonus points if it’s unique to your practice.  Anything that makes your practice stand out from the sea of other local practices is really powerful when it comes to inbound marketing.

10. Help your partners promote their business

In the world of social media and content marketing we reap what we sow.  If you are using a unique piece of equipment or selling a particular product/supplement you can write a blog linking to their website/blog.  Then share the blog on twitter and mention them (@companyname).  They will see this and then the conversation is started. The aim of this is to improve your clout in the digital world while helping your partners be successful as well.  Google is increasingly looking for social links and queues to help determine ranking.  Linking to/from a more prominent website can do wonders for your own ranking.  Also, it’s a good way to say ‘thank you’ to your trusted business partners.  Who knows, they might return the favor! 😉

11. Have a free giveaway for new patients

Giveaways, samples, free events can all stimulate demand.  Sometimes people are just on the fence and something like a free sample of BioFreeze might be just the thing to get them into the office.  Just be sure to use email and track redemption to track the results and ROI of your campaign.

12. Run a seasonal promotion

Nothing like a seasonal promotion to get people in the office.  It mixes things up a bit so people don’t see the same newsletter or generic promotional emails from you.  An example can be as simple as writing a blog about “The Effects of Lawn Mowing on your Back” in the spring or summer or “”How to Keep your Health on Track During the Holidays” sent/shared in the fall.

13. Segment your patient contact list

Get to know your patients!!  You don’t want to send an email promoting pre-natal chiropractic care to a woman without kids or worse to a man.  The more you can learn about your patients the more you can focus promotions tailored to their specific interests and needs.  Other ways to segment can be “do they play sports?”, “are they interested in medicinal supplements?”, etc.  You can capture this information be including additional questions in lead capture forms on your website.  A lead capture form is something someone would fill out before they download premium free content (like an ebook).

14. Interact with your patients on social media

With social media you can’t afford to “set it and forget it”!  Social media is meant to be just that “SOCIAL”!  If a patients gives you a good review or shares or retweets your content take time to thank them. You will also want to respond to negative comments and put out fires in a timely manner.  I know it can be overwhelming with everything else you have going on.  You might want to outsource this task to someone part-time or you can use a software tool like HubSpot’s social inbox to monitor social media for you and send alerts as well as auto-publish scheduled posts allowing you to better manager your time. HootSuite is another free tool you can use to optimize your time publishing and monitoring social media.

 15. Add patient testimonials to your website

Patient testimonials add social proof to your practice.  They help new potential patients warm-up to you and build trust.  Testimonials should be in text and added to a scrolling section of your homepage, but can also be added as videos for added impact!

16. Email special offers to your patients for their birthday

Something as simple as remembering your patients birthday can be just the thing to get existing patients back in to your office.  Of course with today’s technology you don’t have to remember.  You can use email marketing automation software like MailChimp to setup an autoresponder to send an email on their birthday with a coupon or eCard.  If you want to tie together blogs, landing pages, social media, and list segmentation then you might want to consider a marketing automation platform like HubSpot.

17. Run your website through a marketing grader and check for SEO friendliness

Their are many things to make sure you website needs to ensure that search engines find it.  Some of these are a blog, social sharing icons, and image alt-tags.  Here is a link to a Free website marketing grader to see how your website stacks up.

18. Improve the patient experience

Anything you can do to improve patient experience can pay back dividends when it comes to marketing.  The reason is that it takes delighted patients to give you good reviews and loyal followers on social media!  This can mean anything from a new coat of paint in your office/waiting room to improving the child waiting section, or reducing wait times altogether.

19. Guest blog for reputable news sources

Google and other search engines put a premium on quality inbound links.  Quality inbound links are links from other reputable websites. Don’t fall into the trap of buying links or listings from so-called “SEO Consultants”.  Instead see if you can provided content as a guest blogger for a reputable professional organization, local networking group, or news outlet.  This has two benefits; it positions you as a known expert, as well as giving your website credit for extremely valuable inbound links.

20. Participate in and/or sponsor a community outreach/volunteer event

As I mentioned earlier, I believe we reap what we sow.  Get involved in your local community, religious, or civic organization. This helps you get your name out there and meet potential new patients.  You can also blog about community service events on social media and your website showing that you care and give back.

Now that you have twenty chiropractic marketing ideas your head is probably spinning! Don’t hesitate though, now is the time to start implementing them!  I know that you don’t always have the resources to do all of these, but if you can just choose one to tackle you are off to a good start!  Also, with today’s marketing automation technology it’s possible to do more and be more efficient when marketing your practice.

Feel free to leave comments below if you agree or if you have other chiropractic marketing ideas.

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